Expo 2015 Milan experience

We delivered fun interactive experiences to confirm Etisalat's technological leadership status.


If you get only one shot every four years, you want to leave a lasting impression. And so Etisalat asked us for a digital user experience to spice up their contribution to the UAE’s pavilion at Expo Milan 2015.

Virtual desert fun

We provided Etisalat with two interactive experiences to showcase its technological leadership. One was a smaller version of the virtual retail store that we had created earlier for the GITEX event. The second was a brand new experience based on a drone following a dune buggy to warn the driver of potential hazards while driving across the desert.

We wired a real - static - dune buggy to a big screen. Sitting behind the buggy’s steering wheel, a visitor can steer left and right, accelerate or slow down while driving across a virtual desert made up of actual footage we shot in the UAE. Each time the buggy approaches a camel, tourists or a soft spot, the drone flying overhead warns the driver. A favorite among visitors to the UAE pavilion, the virtual buggy experience also demonstrated how innovative ideas from companies like Etisalat can make the future a little safer.

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