Interactive mirror health checkup

Mixing high-tech hardware with interactive applications for the future is right up our alley.

Living Tomorrow

Imagine getting out of bed in the morning and having your basic health stats quickly checked before you rush off to work. That and more is exactly the type of experience we created for Living Tomorrow’s house of the future.

We conceived and programmed a large interactive health mirror. All you have to do is position yourself on the hidden weighing scale in front of the mirror and your daily check-up begins. While a webcam captures your image to display your reflection, a Kinect device measures your height and tracks your body so that a representation of your skeleton on the massive screen can follow your movements.

Based on various sensor inputs, the mirror shows your height, weight, BMI, breathing rate and heart rate. Using hand gestures, you can explore content on specific health topics linked to your skeleton, to help you find health advice. To top it off, the mirror is also equipped with an intelligent virtual assistant, which can conveniently share your stats with your doctor and even schedule an appointment if necessary. How’s that for a glimpse into the future!

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