Mixed reality (MR)

Mixed (or merged) reality devices hold an enormous potential ​for marketing, training, after-sales, troubleshooting, and so much more. Our engineers, designers and communication specialists translate your idea into a working holographic experience. With cross-media content and solid software development, our multi-disciplinary team will put the mix in your reality in record time.

Reality plus

The mixed reality headset scans every environment it enters into, and keeps this 3D space in the right perspective as you move. This ensures that virtual objects added to the environment remain correctly tracked and positioned, without the need for markers. This opens up a world of possibilities for user guidance, interactive help and call-out information, based on the real environment. Visual interactions with remote help desks or instructors, with technical information repositories, with animated “how-to’s”... the possibilities are limitless.

Hololens coffee machine app

From concept to rollout

As an early-day developer of HoloLens and ARKit/ARCore, we can already offer the one-stop-shop approach to mixed reality projects. Every aspect of the content production is done in-house - including video sequences, graphics and animations, quizzes and exercises, software development, integration with web services, etcetera.

Consulting services

Mixed reality technology is a “work in progress”. HoloLens 2 is now available and several promising devices are in development. But technologies like Apple ARKit and Google ARCore offer cheaper possibilities to achieve similar results on tablets or phones.
The decision to embark on this technology should be taken in an informed manner. Our consultants can discuss your project with you and help determine which technology best answers your need, whether it is one of the devices to come, or a VR or AR product that is currently widely available.

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