3D interactive projection mapping

Imagine multimedia information being projected on any sheet of cardboard or foam. Content that accurately follows every move and “sticks” to the surface. Physically flicking the page or tilting it in 3D space implements a novel way of navigating through the content.

Power from above

A high brightness projection system beams the image onto a table. On the table are several “virtual pages” - blank sheets of plastic, cardboard or foam. Infrared motion capture cameras scan the environment from above, keeping track of where the sheets are. As soon as a visitor picks up one of them, the projected image is adjusted in real-time so that it remains on the sheet, accurately following each movement of the user and resulting in a true interactive projection mapping experience.

3D navigation

The system not only tracks where the sheet is, but also calculates the angle and the position in 3D space. To go back and forth in the content, to navigate to the next or previous level or to simply move to the next page, the user only needs to tilt or flick the page to call out the information or to select a different menu item. Combined with marker recognition functionality, the system can offer augmented reality (AR) content as well.

Object freedom

The potential applications of the system are not limited to a foam or cardboard sheet. Any object can be the “screen”, held and controlled by the user, as long as it has a surface apt to project onto. ​Different gestures in 3D space can be programmed to result in novel ways of interfacing with the system.