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Making our mark at LEAP in Saudi Arabia

For the second consecutive year, B·U·T has proudly crafted innovative and immersive digital experiences for Alibaba and Saudi Telecom at LEAP in Riyadh. It was the most attended tech event in the world, with over 1,100 speakers and more than 172,000 visitors from 183 countries in 4 days.

Mar 06, 2024

Multi-user, single-reality

Our VR engineers developed a framework for multiplayer co-location experiences, based on mobile VR headsets. The platform allows participants to share the same virtual environment, even when joining in remotely. Every person can use hand tracking and is seen as an avatar, to prevent collisions. This cutting-edge solution does not require fixed installations; it is not only suitable for virtual product presentations but holds great potential for VR training.

Jan 23, 2024

Sharing the glory at the BEA awards

Winner in the B2E category of the Belgian Event Awards is the Atlas Copco CT Summit, organized by The Event Pilots. As the central content partner, we created the overall event theme “Rise to the Occasion” and all accompanying visuals, movies, animations and presentations. The challenge was to deliver razor sharp content for the gigantic, immersive 270° projection screen.

Nov 14, 2023

Turning real people into lifelike 3D characters

We're thrilled to announce the acquisition of a DepthKit studio setup in our Dubai office, elevating our capabilities in volumetric video recording. This depth sensing, AI powered camera system allows us to capture and broadcast 3D volumetric characters in real time, offering a new level of versatility in our storytelling projects.

Sep 07, 2023

Stable video on the move

Our Belgian office invested in a DJI Ronin 4D, a professional cinematic camera that stabilizes the image along 4 axes - including in vertical movements, a unique feature. Complete with LiDAR focusing and wireless transmission, this is THE state-of-the-art camera for perfect dynamic shots. Combined with our drones, we can create unrivalled footage of offices and industrial facilities.

Apr 14, 2023

Leaving for Las Vegas... and the world

Conexpo is the largest US trade fair for construction equipment. For the third time in a row, it's an occasion for us to excel in creative storytelling and innovative technological concepts for showcasing heavy machinery. Still some final tweaks, and... Las Vegas, here we come!
Update: after Conexpo, BICES Bejing and CSPI Tokyo relived localized experiences.

Mar 02, 2023

Painting with light

Our engineers are constantly on the lookout for technologies that can improve our digital storytelling. Laser projection has been around for decades, but when it becomes available in a very small package that can be integrated in interactive experiences, it doesn't take long before the LaserCube arrives in our digital playground. The verdict: ideal for computer controlled light painting as part of our visual technology mix.

Oct 11, 2022

Putting the R in VR

Every new VR training project starts with a good understanding of the real environment. Our 3D specialists and developers pay close attention when visiting Fluxys’ pressure reduction station, in order to produce a lifelike virtual 3D digital twin.

Mar 03, 2022

Reaching for the sky

Drone technology improves fast, so our video crew is thrilled with the purchase of a new professional drone to replace the aging Inspire model. Hasselblad lens, all-around obstacle sensing, better flight control, 5K image resolution, 120 fps for slow motion shots, ... What’s not to like!

Feb 25, 2022

Official thanks from Expo 2020

The innovative applications built by our Dubai experts did not only show in several partner pavilions of Expo 2020; we also have been working directly with the Expo security team and developed a comprehensive interactive security platform on iPad. Their Certificate of Appreciation is a magnificent way of saying thanks.

Dec 21, 2021