Automatic geolocation 3D globe

This high end 3D animated globe automatically positions a set of hotspots around the world based on their coordinates. Navigation is done through swiping and touching; a pop-up panel ​reveals additional information.

The world isn’t flat

Many companies use world maps with dots or icons to indicate where their offices, factories or distributors are. Often this type of (boring) map ends up in a PowerPoint or on a screen or poster in a trade fair booth or reception area. Most of the time, visitors hardly take notice. By using a touch screen with a 3D world map, the globe suddenly becomes an interactive toy that triggers the visitor’s curiosity.

Geography included

To add points of interest, you only need to fill in the name of the tag, its geolocation and the information that needs to pop up when the hotspot is touched. The location will automatically be calculated and positioned correctly on the 3D globe. So creating a gorgeous globe with your company locations no longer requires any graphical skills.