Interactive building directory

Traditional building directories have not changed for decades. But digital technology offers added value to the visitor, and creates business opportunities for the building owner. Connections with building management systems can add real-time information.

More than wayfinding

Wall directories tell you where to find the company you are visiting, but it might take a while if there are hundreds of companies listed. Our interactive building directory allows the visitor to search in several ways: swiping through the list, typing (part of) the name, or browse floor by floor.
The screen can offer much more information than just a name, and act as a micro-marketing opportunity to highlight the company profile and logo, contact details, short messages and even multimedia content – animations or video.

Branding the building

Each building directory is created in line with the look and feel of the building owner. The building is recreated in 3D, complemented by accurate floor plans. This allows the user to interactively swipe through the building.

Monetizing the directory

Standard or executive advertising packages can be offered to display ads linked to the company profile, every time it is called out. This not only provides an opportunity to the tenants to show a commercial message, but it can be linked to larger screens in the building reception area for digital signage purposes. Moreover, when no one is using the directory, the screen itself can show digital signage ads as well, without obscuring the building directory function.