Smart health mirror

A mirror that not only reflects the outer beauty, but keeps track of your inner self! A true digital companion that measures your height, weight, heart rate, body mass index, and even your mood. All without any contact; no wrist bands or other wearables in sight.

Contactless body parameter scan

The smart health mirror is equipped with multiple sensors for height measurement, heart rate, respiratory rate, skin temperature, mood, gender and age. A scale on the floor provides the weight, which, combined with the sensor data, allows the system to calculate the body mass index and the optimal calorie count for the day. Since the data are captured contactless, there is no need for wires, wrist bands or other wearables. And because the system is built on standardized hardware, additional sensors can be integrated for specific requirements.

Biology class included

Thanks to the builtin Kinect system, the smart health mirror has more tricks up its sleeve. The skeleton, nervous system or main organs can be superimposed on the screen and react to every movement as if the person is being X-rayed. Although the imagery is not medical grade, it’s guaranteed to put a smile on the user’s face.

Big data opportunity

The data recorded by the sensors can be sent to a cloud service, providing a daily updated source of big data. With the right app, these data can be used to inform the user of his condition over time, collect statistical information or even inform the physician if deviations in the normal patterns are detected.