Virtual microscope lab

A demonstration of a hassle-free VR hardware setup for trade fairs or exhibitions that immerses visitors without running the risk of theft or cabling issues. Combined with hand tracking at the bottom, this installation allows for an engaging and fun experience.

Hands-on VR

The demo application of the Virtual Reality Microscope combines VR goggles mounted on a stand and a motion capture sensor, to create a digital rendering of what it might be like to work with an electron microscope. The experience allows you to manipulate cells and other minute matter with your own hands in virtual reality. Simply select a lab dish and zoom in on brain tissue, a virus or skin tissue. Zoom in again to examine the chromosomes or look at DNA from every angle.

Broad applications

This interactive VR setup lends itself both for marketing and educational purposes and can be combined with all kinds of content. It could allow you to discover the components of a new product, but also dive into a termite hill or examine chemical reactions up close. It makes this system particularly suitable for visitor centers, exhibitions and museums.