External communications

Your communications to the outside world should be direct, efficient and convincing. Tailored to the different stakeholders and making optimal use of all the digital tools and channels. We match your message to the medium, and create the payload.


As a company, you are constantly under the looking glass. Investors want to be reassured you are on a profitable path. The press wants to see a clear strategy and smart business decisions. Social media are on standby to punish any misstep. The public at large expects exemplary environmental and social behaviour. Your external communications need to be spot-on for each of these stakeholders. The right digital communication tools will help you ensure a consistent message, adapted to the channel and the audience.


External communications come in many forms, depending on the use and the distribution channel. Today, press releases need links to videos and web based illustration material. Social media need compact and catchy single message posts. Corporate videos need to be comprehensive and short. Corporate PPTs need be tailored to every intended audience. Public appearances need to be supported by digital assets that leave a lasting impression.


We are your one-stop-shop to create the overall concept, and to build each targeted digital asset. We advise on the optimal technologies to support your multi-channel communications. Press, exhibition and conference presentations – linear, interactive or immersive, web sites, videos, digital annual reports... we create every asset to the highest standards.