Flexible fleet in 3D

Borealis Automotive's new key visuals reflect the future.


Borealis' leading-edge polyolefin materials are optimally suited for a wide range of automotive parts. Because of the successful implementation across car brands, the new key visuals had to steer away from logos and brand-specific features. The need for multi-angle views and a variety of settings made 3D the way to go.

As real as it gets

The journey started with the design of a three-dimensional concept vehicle that was both neutral and recognizable, both detailed and slick, both classic and future-proof.

Next, it was up to our 3D specialists to transform this basic prototype into a real deal 3D asset. By honing the shapes, adding colours, textures and lighting, the car gradually grew into a credible, be it anonymous, model. The addition of interior and exterior viewpoints and multiple environments made sure this fictional fleet is in it for the long haul.

CGI models like these exceed the potential of actual car images: the visuals are suitable for all platforms, from brochures and websites to 3D animations and interactive/VR/AR applications.

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