Visual branding for diagnostics

We deciphered molecules and DNA to translate microscopic elements into an impactful brand visual.

Roche Diagnostics

Roche Diagnostics asked us to create a logo for their range of products for infectious diseases. Since it consists of two distinctly different types of products, the brand visual had to equally express both these types.

Double the work

We broke down the molecular structure of antibodies and DNA to find a meaningful basis for our design. Since the two components were completely different, we decided against merging the components into a single logo. Instead, we proposed a logo consisting of two similarly styled representations to tell the stories of both types of product ranges. Depending on the circumstances in which the logo is applied, either of the two components may be visually emphasized. By applying the Roche Diagnostics corporate color palette, we aligned the new logos with the rest of the Roche Diagnostics brand family.

Roche diagnostics HCV

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