IoT design

Internet-of-things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) communications rely on a mix of reliable hardware, resilient software and cloud services. Our software and multimedia engineers can bring great value to the table when it comes to designing user applications and user interfaces. After all, the front end is what makes or breaks the user’s impression and appreciation.

From sensor to command center

IoT and M2M projects come in all sizes. From a simple app that reads some sensor data to full-blown command centers that aggregate and display statistics and trends of thousands of devices across a factory or a city. These projects have in common that they need a well designed user interface that leads into a positive user experience. Because most applications have both a real-time aspect and cloud based historic data, the challenge is to interface with the user through intuitive functions, a slick graphics design and comprehensive data representations.

The tool set to match

Depending on the scope of the project, our teams can develop the apps that communicate with the IoT/M2M devices and cloud data, and provide all required functionality, from remote control and sensor readout to data aggregation and visualization. For large scale command centers, our engineers have experience with a broad scope of interfacing techniques, including gesture based control, eye tracking, touch or AI vision.

All bases covered

Our one-stop-shop approach ensures a single point of contact for conceptual design, branding, software development, graphics design and hardware integration. As we have always worked for multinational companies, we have a wide experience in language adaptations and global rollout of your IoT or M2M application.


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