Metaverse world creation

Virtual meetings or presentations, remote company visits or onboarding, virtual team building, VR training... the list of applications for the corporate metaverse is growing. We design the digital twin of your environment, or create an imaginary world that is so much more fun to be in.

Digital representations of reality

Our designers build your corporate metaverse based on a variety of inputs. Maybe you have 3D CAD models of installations or buildings, Or our team may need tot take photographs and videos. Depending on the budget, the recording of a point cloud may be considered.
All the available inputs are then used to model the digital twin of the environment.

Or a world of imagination

Instead of a close representation of an enviroment, your application might call for a creative, imaginary world. Our designers will love you for it. The resulting metaverse could still be inline with corporate branding and have referals to real company related places or environments.

Cross-platform deployment

The number of applications that rely on virtual worlds is growing. Cloud platforms like Microsoft Mesh are quickly evolving to allow large groups to interact with the virtual world. But one-to-one applications, like VR training - usually built in Unity or Unreal - need virtual environments too.
We build our worlds for compatibility, so that you can rely on consistent behaviour in all major technological frameworks.

Compressor room
Cat workplace
Office environment

Related technologies

Virtual reality (VR)

We let your users interact with your company, products or services in your own corporate metaverse.

2D/3D animation

We create animations that promote, explain or simply show off... from a simple gizmo to an entire factory.

AI applications

We conceive virtual presenters, or generate real-time personal interactions trained to your context.

All technologies