Experience tourism with 4D VR

Horseback or bike, dune bashing or barbecue, it's like being there.

ADCTA (Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority)

Abu Dhabi Tourism was very present at the annual ATM travel event. To showcase the highlights of their beautiful city, we created a 4D Virtual Reality experience, with VR goggles installed around a model of Sir Bani Yas island. We immersed visitors into 5 distinct experiences of the Island.

We added 4D technology to the VR experiences: for the horse-riding and mountain biking experience, the chairs had vibration pads to mimic the movements of a horse and a bike on rough terrain. During the dune bashing experience, a fan blew wind in the users' hair. And for the barbecue and pool side experience we appealed to their sense of smell and sprayed mist onto their face.

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