VR app shows how it’s done

Putting a potentially life-saving job into your hands.

Terumo Europe

Terumo makes clever machines that separate blood into red blood cells, plasma and leukocytes. To educate customers, prospects and stakeholders on its Reveos machine, Terumo asked us to build a virtual reality experience.

The app puts you in a blood processing facility, an area that is normally off limits. You can check out the room by looking around you as the app gives you a 360° view. In front of you, there’s an intuitive menu from which you can choose a chapter simply by looking at it.

Each chapter contains an animation to clarify what the Reveos machine does, a video that provides a closer look, or a mix of both. The VR experience switches to the perspective of the lab technician when it is time to operate the machine, giving you a virtual front-row seat as if you are doing the work. This allows you to see things much more clearly and helps to convince you that the Terumo Reveos really is a nifty device.

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