Virtual studio shoots

We offer a one-stop-shop approach to virtual studio recordings for business magazines, webinars, presentations, or virtual reality applications. The virtual set allows for cost effective studio shoots, not only for presenter setups but also for enabling “relocation” of a shot to any place on earth… or beyond, in a VR world.

Green savings

Whereas traditional studio productions relied on set builders and prop buyers to dress up the studio, virtual studio shoots do away with physical furniture, props, set paint, drapes… Instead, the set is built in a 3D system and replaces the greenkey background during the shoot.

Flexible facilities

Because the virtual studio set is tailor made for each customer, we make sure to adhere to your corporate identity and branding.

The studio is large enough for presenter sequences, panel discussions or product presentations. It is totally sound proofed, equipped with LED lighting and offered with four high end broadcast cameras and wireless audio.

The separate control room allows for live or deferred viewing. Our teams can prepare graphics, animations or pre-recorded videos that may be needed during a live production or webinar.

Greenkey studio 4cam
Virtual studio shoots VR

Ready for any reality

Apart from the applications in traditional video production, the studio can be used for webinars and web streaming, and for content production for augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) or 360° videos. For VR, a proprietary setup allows for the recording of a real person inside the virtual world, to showcase VR applications.


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