Interactive globe for ZFEP winners

The Zayed Future Energy Prize awards outstanding sustainability projects around the globe. We were asked to help put the spotlight on the past winners in the WFES stand.

Zayed Future Energy Price

At the annual WFES, the Zayed Future Energy Prizes were awarded to outstanding sustainability projects. We were asked to help put the spotlight on the nominees in the ZFEP stand.

We created an interactive touch application featuring the global impact of the Zayed Future Energy Prize. The globe could be rotated and swiveled in every direction to browse all the geo-tagged locations of the winning projects. By touching a project, information on the impact of the project could simply be unlocked.

To further increase visitor engagement, we made a self-recording video booth with an intuitive touch screen menu where visitors could ‘tape’ their sustainability message. The videos were displayed on a browsable touch screen outside the booth and were also automatically uploaded to Youtube.

We also created a system to synchronize 7 video pylons with dedicated directional speakers, each screen played its own video and audio track with no interference between each other.

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