Aerial drone filming

Video productions, whether traditional or in 360°, and AR or VR projects all benefit from dynamic images from previously unattainable viewpoints. High above or traveling inside a factory building, our drone shots lift your project to a higher level. Created by experienced teams that are video professionals first, then pilots.

The power of motion

Traditional aerial footage was often prohibitively expensive, due to the cost of helicopter rentals and stabilized camera systems. Today’s drones have brought this capability to any type of audiovisual production. Reliable enough to travel over factories or installations, small enough to fly inside assembly halls or along production lines. Drone shots create a sense of motion and dynamics, and provide additional freedom for the script writer and director.

The tools of the trade

Our drone professionals always operate as a team, with a pilot and a cameraman. After all, the power of the image is not in the joystick, but in the eye of the professional. The cameraman wears goggles to see exactly what the drone sees, while the operator relies on the full control panel, with flight data and GPS coordinates. The drones are professional models with a 4K high resolution camera's.

Part of the package

Drone shots are only part of the raw material we work with. Our one-stop-shop approach ensures that we can take care of every production step of a video, 360°, AR or VR production that includes the aerial footage. This guarantees a streamlined process and consistent quality throughout.

Drone filming detail

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