3D symphony in X-ray major

An animation in adagio to explain advances in medical imaging.

Agfa Healthcare

Performing a symphony requires each individual tone to be just right the right pitch. The result of course, is perfect harmony. Agfa HealthCare’s MUSICA x-ray imaging software and DR retrofit reflector work much the same way. The two components can be integrated into existing x-ray imaging equipment to provide better, more detailed medical images.

Agfa HealthCare wanted to present MUSICA and the reflector at a medical conference and go beyond summing up the technical facts. They requested us to create a 3D animation to highlight the system’s main benefits while invoking the notion of a well-executed symphony to stress the perfect integration. The idea was to breathe life into a system that otherwise, when judged merely by its outward appearance, looks like nothing more than a simple board.

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