Brochure powers underground cabling

Imagine a Europe without overhead power cables... now put that on paper.


Help us change the perception of underground and sub-sea power cables, by capturing their advantages in a simple and fun-to-read booklet. This is what Borealis asked us to accomplish. And we did.

Visual appeal

As a partner in the cable industry organisation Europacable, Borealis needed a brochure aimed at European decision-makers. Instead of a dry, matter-of-fact booklet, we wanted to create something visually appealing that was fun to browse through, packed with eye-catchers. We deliberately conveyed the arguments using short paragraphs to ensure people aren’t scared off by having to plow through long text. We added captivating pictures and intuitive infographics to further increase the visual impact, producing a light-hearted booklet with a serious undertone. Executed in the corporate colors of Europacable, the brochure delivers all the arguments for choosing partial undergrounding in a crisp and clear manner.

Europacable brochure infographic detail
Europacable brochure project page

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