Graphics design

Brochure or leaflet, key visual, poster, banner, logo or full corporate branding, presentation template or moodboard… we design professional graphics and publications that combine creativity with an in-depth knowledge of the corporate and industrial world.

Corporate creativity

Within the corporate world, our graphics department feels very much at ease producing company and product leaflets, annual or environmental reports, sponsored or personnel magazines, event driven publications… In short, anything that has to make a lasting impression.
While most deliverables are digital, printed matter still remains part of the media mix whenever prospects, customers or employees enjoy a tangible reminder of a sales talk, a trade fair visit, a training or a product presentation.​

The power of the word

Good design is crucial to get your message across, but so is the text that goes with it. Our copywriters are 100% focused on corporate and industrial projects; they know the lingo of business-to-business communications, the trade specific vocabulary and the interests and sensitivities of the target audience.

The visuals to match

A broad team of conceptual designers and graphics artists develop a visual style and the perfect imagery to strengthen the message. With access to numerous image libraries and a wide experience in dedicated photo shoots, infographics creation and professional layout, we make sure the visual design is spot-on. And always in full compliance with your corporate identity.

Cross-media consistency

We take pride in designing for the complete media mix. The unity of style and visual look is carried through to every digital channel, from stills, videos or animations to websites, apps, virtual and augmented reality and interactive applications. We can be your design partner for all of these.


Related technologies

Metaverse world creation

We design your tailor-made corporate metaverse, ready for use in VR and MR, or in Mesh or similar virtual spaces.

2D/3D animation

We create animations that promote, explain or simply show off... from a simple gizmo to an entire factory.

PowerPoint (re)design

We add great value to every PPT, with high-end graphics, interaction and audio/video integration.

All technologies