Brochure shows firefighter passion

We tried to capture the difference between life and death, in a printed product brochure.

DuPont de Nemours

DuPont turned to us for a brochure about their Emergency Response fabrics, which had to convey the key characteristics of their own potentially life-saving fibers. In a fiercely competitive market, this brochure had the ambitious goal of affirming DuPont’s innovative leadership.

Strong emotions

Rather than create a dry technical document, we wanted to produce a crisp and evocative brochure that appeals to the emotions of the target audience, to create attention and room for the message. Centered on high-quality, dramatic pictures of firefighters in action, the brochure conveys the passion that is at the core of a firefighter’s motivation.

No overstatement

Each spread is about a specific aspect of DuPont’s top ER fabric. Simple, but intriguing headlines draw attention and make it easier for the target audience to decide if a particular piece of information might interest them. Body copy was deliberately kept to a minimum, to make sure people aren’t scared off by lengthy paragraphs. Throughout the brochure we added visual accents in the form of icons drawn up in the DuPont corporate palette. The final spread complements the narrative with a summary of the unique benefits of DuPont fabrics, as well as an intuitive overview of increasing levels of protection offered by the fabrics available in the market.

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