Leaflets that radiate warmth

Brand new product brochures capture the glow of home heating.

Caradon Radiators

Caradon manufactures innovative, energy-saving radiators under the brand names Stelrad and Henrad. An expansion of their product portfolio was the trigger for Caradon to request a set of new consumer product brochures, designed from scratch. Since we had already done several projects for them, including the redesign of the Stelrad brand logo, Caradon felt safe giving us full creative freedom.

Our graphics designer proposed a number of atmospheric images and vibrant colors to serve as the foundation of the design. The proposal was approved wholeheartedly and our designer got cracking. The result was a set of vivid and appealing brochures. After that, Caradon asked us to apply the new design to banners and panels for use in showrooms and on trade shows. Since then, our redesigned look and feel has been used for many of Caradon’s marketing materials and the range continues to grow.

Caradon leaflets multiple

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