Taking off with a signature video

Business aviation isn’t just about the destination, but the things it enables.

EBAA (European Business Aviation Assocation)

The European Business Aviation Association commissioned us to produce a video to kick-off the key European industry event they were organizing. Our job was to show there is more to business aviation than shuttling high-ranking executives across the globe.

The video follows a man travelling from the UK to a destination on continental Europe, visualized through evocative shots. As he makes his way to the airport, the camera zooms in on the man and a first-person voice-over begins to share his thoughts with the audience.

After pondering the potential difficulties of his mission, he finds assurance in the service and reliability of business aviation and leans back in his seat, accompanied by a calm and soothing musical track. When the man arrives at his destination, the purpose of his journey finally becomes clear, surprising the viewer to reiterate that there is more to business aviation than you might expect.

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