Video highlights cyber threats

Increasing awareness of cybercrime among global financial institutions.


A high-profile case of digital robbery made it clear to SWIFT that it was necessary to make its global community more aware of the importance of cyber security. They asked us to convert several filmed interviews with experts into a series of appropriately themed videos.

SWIFT supplied us with a list of the sound bites they wanted to use. We then selected stock footage that resembles the world of hackers, financial markets and share trading. To emphasize that cybercrime is a global issue, we also added stock shots of cities around the world.

Apart from creating a natural flow between the interviews and the stock shots, we also added fake static interferences to the transitions, making them a little coarse and grainy. This more or less creates the illusion that the video is a transmission coming to the viewer across the air waves, almost as if cybercriminals are trying to stop it.

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