High flying cargo logistics presentation

We assisted the Head of Cargo at Brussels airport to put the spotlight on his company's cutting-edge logistical solutions.


BRUcargo and its IT partner Nallian were asked to present their innovative logistical approach during a Flemish-Dutch trade mission to the US. Knowing that a big competitor would present his solution right after them, BRUcargo and Nallian asked us to create a slide show with a bigger impact.

Visual anchors

Our first step was to edit and restructure the narrative about the cloud solution that Nallian had built for BRUcargo, as well as understand the different pharma projects BRUcargo is developing. Since the presentation time was very limited and there were still a lot of slides, we decided to add visual anchor points by creating icons that visually amplified specific talking points. We also polished up existing artwork and aligned the template and all visual content with BRUcargo’s corporate identity.

Brucargo slides

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