Stylish corporate presentation material

We produced new corporate communication essentials for a market leader in aluminum building solutions.

Reynaers Aluminium

Reynaers Aluminium understands the value of having the right communication tools. To support their ambitious growth plans, Reynaers requested us to create a unique PowerPoint presentation and a concise corporate brochure.

The right look

Aesthetics are a key characteristic of Reynaers’ products and services, and so we designed a PowerPoint that reflected that.
We used a generous number of Reynaers’ own high definition project photographs for both deliverables.

To structure the content and ensure a uniform look and feel, we expanded a set of Reynaers’ own icons and applied them together with Reynaers’ visual language to the brochure and PowerPoint. We also edited the copy for both these deliverables to bring the narratives in line with the preferences of today’s audiences, making the texts crisp and neat.

755 reynaers aluminium ppt and concise brochure big5

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