PowerPoint (re)design

In everyday use all over the world, and still we claim that we can add significant value to PowerPoint presentations. Professional graphics, the right word on the right slide, seamless videos that brings static pages to life, well-crafted animations and transitions… they will make you stand out.

Making a difference

We often get the remark “no…. that can’t be PowerPoint… is it really?” and we consider that a great compliment. We can develop your slide show from scratch, to a quality level that will impress your audience. Or we can take your do-it-yourself PPT and turn it into something you will proudly present.

Professional graphics

Our graphics crew is highly experienced in design, animation (2D/3D) and cartoon development. So whether you need some clean business infographics or a playful animated character in your presentation, we’ll produce it for you, in line with your corporate identity.

The writer’s touch

Not every marketer or engineer is a gifted copywriter, that’s why we have them in house to re-write or hone your message. And while they are at it, they will probably reduce the number of words on your slides as well. Less is more!

Interactive kiosks

PowerPoint is usually not considered for interactive presentations. Yet, our skilled PPT designers can build in navigation trees and chapters, for cost effective kiosk applications that would otherwise require substantially higher budgets. Audiovisual content like videos or animations can easily be added, to create true multimedia presentations.


Related technologies

Metaverse world creation

We design your tailor-made corporate metaverse, ready for use in VR and MR, or in Mesh or similar virtual spaces.

2D/3D animation

We create animations that promote, explain or simply show off... from a simple gizmo to an entire factory.

Graphics design

We conceptualize and design professional graphics for cross-media use in a consistent and stylish look.

All technologies