Exhibition/event content

Trade fairs, exhibitions and events heavily rely on visual and interactive stimuli to attract attendees and raise their interest. We deploy a broad range of immersive technologies to reel visitors in and to make your messages stick.

Standing out from the crowd

Trade fairs and events bombard the visitor with information. Every booth is fighting for the short attention span of the passing visitor, so to stand out, form and function need to match. The overall concept needs to live on in every interaction and on every screen, big and small. Visitors need to like what they see and want to know more. Salespeople can work with the technology to present the details and close the deal.

With high-tech experiences

We take pride in being at the forefront of technology, introducing the most recent visualisation and interactive techniques. Multitaction tables, hand or body controlled experiences, giant LED screens, 360 video, virtual and augmented reality, AI assistants, multi-person immersive experiences... we have the know-how and the track record to implement your wildest technological dreams.

And the content to match

Every technology has its own merits, but only makes sense if it is the right tool to tell the story. Together with your communications and product marketing team, we develop the concept and the story first, and then decide on the optimal technology that gets the message across.